Migratory Bird Sweep Training

May 8 2018 030.JPG

Yesterday we completed the Migratory Bird Sweep training. The presentation was put on by Daniel Routhier, Wildlife Biologist from Stantec. The purpose of the course was to increase knowledge around migratory bird protection. Migratory birds and their nests and eggs are protected everywhere in Canada under the Migratory Bird Convention Act, 1994. The Act applies to the majority of species of migratory birds and has jurisdiction over Canadian lands and water bodies regardless of ownership.

May 8 2018 031.JPG

The course consisted of approximately 1 hour presentation including a questions period followed by an hour in the field. Currently Bird Sweeps have been conducted by the Environmental team, but this increases the knowledge in the field and allows for additional support for our team to ensure we are being diligent and remaining in compliance.

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