Activities for the week of April 8-14


  • Installing Micro Pile Foundations on the 115kV section
  • Receiving 115kV materials
  • Receiving poles for 115kV
  • Delivering poles on 115kV line
  • Pole Setting on 115kV line
  • Cleaning and servicing all vehicles
  • Performing orientations for PowerTel employees and sub-contractors
  • Health and Safety team on site
  • Environmental team on site
  • Have weekly meetings with Whitefeather's Alex Peters and Elder Tom
  • Building of all-weather road to sub-station


  • Building all weather road to substation
  • Leveling chip piles along ROW corridor


  • Operating the camp


  • Rock boring along corridor near Taxi Bay


*All Right of Way clearing is completed with the exception of some environmentally sensitive areas which will be hand cleared.