Activities for the week of March 18-25


  • Complete stringing of 25kV
  • Continue clamping of 25kV
  • Complete pole setting and framing poles on the 25kV north of Berens River
  • Once the above is complete, haul all equipment currently north of Barens River to Taxi Bay
  • Working off of rig mats south side of Berens river in order to clear Right of Way and construct 25kV section
  • Installing Micro Pile Foundations on the 115kV section
  • Receiving 115kV materials
  • Receiving poles for 115kV
  • Delivering poles on 115kV line
  • Performing orientations for PowerTel employees and sub-contractors
  • Health and Safety team on site
  • Environmental team on site
  • Have weekly meetings with Whitefeather's Alex Peters and Elder Tom
  • Building of all-weather road to sub-station
  • Continue surveying along Right of Way
  • 25Kv line to be completed March 30


  • Right of Way trail building on north side of the Berens river
  • Building all weather road to substation
  • Hauling PowerTel's equipment
  • Leveling chip piles along ROW corridor


  • Operating the camp


  • Continue clearing on 115Kv corridor

W.E. Stone

  • Complete clearing 25kV corridor from Pikangikum towards Berens River
  • Continue clearing on the 115kV corridor

FN Timber

  • Clearing on the 25kV corridor and 115kV corridor