Activities for the week of February 3-10


  • Receive/Move equipment to Pikangikum
  • Receive/Deliver poles and material to 25Kv section starting in Pikangikum
  • PowerTel starting rotation of workers at camp
  • Work with client on permanent road installation
  • Hold weekly meetings with White Feather
  • Monitoring Right of Way clearing and Right of Way trail building
  • Health and Safety team on site
  • Preparing to clear the Kirkness River Designated Protected Area.  Signage and flagging to be installed following clearing of timber
  •  Environmental team to review all buffers, and re-install flagging/stakes to maintain boundaries
  • Hand Clearing of stream buffers near to Taxi Bay working northbound to Beren’s River to continue
  • MTO plans to visit to review entrance permit areas; Environmental Manager to meet with inspector
  • Ice testing and safety course to commence on February 5-8; ground penetrating radar to be utilized to measure ice thickness on lake crossing (4.2 km) from landing into community of Pikangikum.  Results of testing will be shared with the community and client
  • People on site - 29 Staff plus union


  • Operating camp
  • People on site - 4


  • Continue clearing 115Kv Right of Way along Nungesser rd.
  • People on site – 15 - 17


  • Mulch 25Kv Right of Way from Pikangikum working towards Berens River
  • Build Right of Way trail from Pikangikum towards Berens River
  • Build Right pf Way trail and Access points along Nungesser rd. (115kv)
  • Move PowerTels equipment
  • People on site – 4-6

W.E. Stone

  • Mulch 25Kv Right of Way alongside Draco
  • Clearing 115Kv Right of Way along the Nungesser rd. Clean up 115Kv ROW from Taxi Bay road to substation
  • People on site - 11


  • Fagging Right of Way along Nugesser rd
  • People on site - 2