Activities for the Week of October 21-27


  • Installing extra ground rods where 20 Ohms or less have not been achieved

  • Installing rider poles at all road crossings

  • Preparing all stringing set-ups

  • Stringing OPGW rope and wire

  • Sagging conductor

  • Dead-Ending conductor

  • Clipping in conductor

  • Delivering travelers and materials to structures

  • Commence minor deficiency work on the Grid Line    

  • Performing orientations for PowerTel employees and sub-contractors

  • Health and Safety team on site

  • Environmental team on site overseeing all construction activities  

  • Have weekly meetings with White Feather Alex Peters and Elder Tom

  • Plan and organize for upcoming work activities

  • Continue ROW remediation work

  • De-Mob equipment once completed with


  • Floating PowerTel’s equipment

  • Supplying aggregate for pole foundations


  • Operating the man camp