Activities for the week of January 29 to February 4


  • Receive/Float equipment to Pikangikum
  • Receive/Deliver poles and material to 25Kv section starting in Pikangikum
  • Work with client on permanent road installation
  • Hold weekly meetings with White Feather
  • Continue working on LUP for wood storage
  • Continue orientations for contractors
  • Health and Safety team on site
  • People on site - 29 Staff plus union


  • Mulch 25Kv ROW from Pikangikum working towards Berens river
  • Build Right of Way trail from Pikangikum towards Berens river
  • Build Right of Way trail and Access points along Nungesser rRd. (115kv)
  • Float PowerTel's equipment
  • People on site – 4-6

W.E. Stone

  • Mulch 25Kv ROW alongside Draco
  • Clearing 115Kv ROW along Taxi Bay rd. working towards the Nungesser Rd
  • Clean up 115Kv ROW from Taxi Bay road to sub station
  • People on site - 11


  • On turn around no activity


  • Operating camp
  • People on site - 4


  • Continue clearing 115Kv Row along Nungesser rd.
  • People on site – 15 - 17