Sunday to Saturday - Week of January 14th to the 20th

See below updates from PowerTel and its Sub-contractors: 


  • Complete hiring of Pikangikum community members
  • Hand cut memorial sites and DPAs
  • PowerTel to have more crews arriving
  • Continue packing swamps on 115kV section
  • Mobilize equipment to site
  • Plan out route for permanent road to substation
  • Stake pole locations on 115kV ROW
  • Due to snow pack and cold temperatures, there has been no ground disturbances on the ROW
  • Wetlands and streams have been identified prior to clearing; selective clearing has progressed through the buffer areas with no concerns
  • All PowerTel employees and sub-contractors are taking part in the Site Specific Environmental Orientations; orientations outline all sensitive sites, including Designated Protected Areas, Archaeological sites, Wildlife, and Wetland/streams.
  • PowerTel is currently working with MTO to identify existing access points and additional temporary access points to be utilized off of the Nungesser Road.  MTO will be onsite on January 15, 2018, to complete the final assessment prior to submission of the permit application.
  • PowerTel and Obish are working together with the MNRF to complete the Land Use Permit’s for 3 existing sites to be utilized for timber storage, to facilitate chipping activities to proceed in the Spring of 2018.


  • Proceeding north along the Nungesser Rd clearing 115kVROW.
  • Commence chipping of non merch timber.

W.E. Stone

  • Complete clearing 115kV ROW from taxi bay rd. to substation.
  • Complete clearing 25kV from substation to Berens river.
  • Commence clearing 115kVline along all-weather Rd towards the Nungesser.


  • Mulch 25kV ROW from Pikangikum to Berens River.
  • Build ROW access trail on 115kV.


  • Flagging ROW from Pikangikum to Berens river 25kV.
  • Flagging 115kV ROW north along Nungesser Rd and along all-weather road working towards Nungesser Rd.


  • Continue assembling man camp located at the corner of the Nungesser rd. and Pikangikum Rd.